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Integrating Mechanical Integrity Systems Into Profit Centers


ACTEMMx is a company providing an integrated design, calculations, manufacturing, and field inspection services.  Thus allowing you to determine mean time to failure on all of your tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc...  This turns your Mechanical Integrity Program into a profit center.  The main tools for this process are as follows:
Magnetic Particle Examination
This NDE method is accomplished by inducing a magnetic field in a ferromagnetic material and then dusting the surface with iron particles (either dry or suspended in liquid).  Surface and near-surface flaws produce magnetic poles or distort the magnetic field in such a way that they iron particles are attracted and concentrated.  This produces a visible indication of defect on the surface of the material.  
Dye Penetrant Examination
The test object is coated with a solution that contains a visible or fluorescent dye.  Excess solution is then removed from the surface of the object but leaving it in surface breaking defects.  A developer is  then applied to draw the penetrant out of the defects.  With fluorescent dyes, ultraviolet light is used to make the bleed out fluoresce brightly, thus allowing imperfections to be readily seen.  With visible dyes, vivid color contrasts between the penetrant and developer make the  "bleed out" easy to see. 
Ultrasonic Examination and Shear Wave Ultrasonic
In ultrasonic testing, high-frequency sound waves are transmitted into a material to detect imperfections or to locate changes in material properties.  The most commonly used ultrsonic testing technique is pulse echo.  Whereby sound is introduced into a test object and reflections (echoes) from internal imperfections or the parts geometrical surfaces are returned to a receiver.  
Phased Array Ultrasonics
Phased Array Ultrasonics is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing.  Phased Array offers significant technical advantages over conventional single probe ultrasonics and x-ray; the phased array beams can be steered, scanned, swept and focused electronically without moving the probe.  Ultrasonic phased arrays use a multiple element probe whereby the output pulse from each element is time delayed in such a way so as to produce constructive interference at a specific angle and specific depth.