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Integrating Mechanical Integrity Systems Into Profit Centers

Document Management

Eliminate Costly Manual Revisions!
Eliminate The Piles Upon Piles Of Paper Drawings!
Don't spend hours or days redrawing and refiguring, when revisions can be done in a matter of minutes.  Save time, money, and space when you convert your paper drawings into fully accessible digital or CAD (.dwg).  
Each blueprint is hand carried through our 10-step process by our scanning and CAD technicians.  Your furnished paper blueprint is identical to an original/drawn CAD document.  All geometry, scaling, dimensions, and text are exact.  Your new CAD document is fully layered and editable.

The digital file will be sent to you in (.dwg) format and ready for your CAD engineer to make the necessary changes for your project.  Also, a TIFF digital image of the original blueprint will be furnished for archival purposes.

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Paper to CAD (.dwg) Conversions

Convert Your Size D Paper Blueprints Into AIA Fully Layered CAD (.dwg) Documents 
For Only $149 Each!

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